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Grande réactivité, travail dans l'urgence et de qualité
Secteurs de l'automobile, du nucléaire, de l'aéronautique et de l'outillage à mains
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Pierre Rodamel is a young entrepreneur who, after having worked in the injection mould industry, four years ago established himself in the field of general mechanics.

He specialises in turning, milling and drilling small parts (maximum diameter 300mm) in very small quantities (between 10 and 50 units maximum). He also produces prototypes.

He works with a variety of materials such as stainless steel, tempered bronze and pre-tempered steel. He also machines plastic parts.

Mr Rodamel works off plans provided by his clients (he is equipped with 2D mastercam computer-assisted design and manufacturing software) and PDF files.

His cutting-edge stock of equipment (including a 3-axes CN milling machine and a CN machining centre) ensures he provides a highly responsive service, meeting client demand within very short timescales.

Activité de mécanique générale

Outils de production

Tour à Commande Numérique 3 axes
Diam 400 mm x longueur 600 mm
Tour à Commande Numérique
diam 300 mm x longueur 400 mm
Centre d'usinage
400 mm x 250 mm x 450 mm
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