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DAMAS Remorques (D.M.S.)

legal status
Entreprise Individuelle
Number of employees
Réactivité et respect des délais, fiabilité et robustesse du matériel fabriqué
Professionnels et particuliers
Jean-Jacques DAMAS
Phone number
Fax number

The D.M.S. company was founded in 1959 and is run by Jean-Jacques Damas, the son of the original owner.

D.M.S. specialises in producing small production runs of made-to-measure and standard trailers.

It produces both road trailers and agricultural trailers (500kg to 3.5 tonnes with hydraulic brakes).

With an annual production of 80 trailers, the company remains close to its regional and national customers. Its products can be seen in both exhibitions and catalogues.

Catalogues can be sent upon request.

Note: One new market which is rapidly developing is trailers for mobile homes.

Fabrication de remorques tous usages

Outils de production

Poste à souder semi-automatique
Scie à fer
Presse plieuse 140 tonnes
Machine pour découpage-montage et soudure
Machines pour partie menuisée de la remorque
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