Bilstein France

Parc d'activités de Champbayard, 42130, Boën sur Lignon

Phone number : + 33(0)

Bilstein France is the French subsidiary of the German Group Bilstein (created in 1936).

The company specialises in making industrial circular blades used in continuous cut ...

Key wordsProduction of industrial circular blades, production of continuous cutting units
Bourg Industries

La Fabrique, 42130, Saint Sixte

Phone number : +33(0)

Bourg Industries specialises in the manufacture of ironware and metalware for buildings.

The size of machined items ranges from a few mm2 to 500 mm2.

It carries out ...

Key wordsIndustrial metal work manufacturer, cutting pressing small metal items



Reigneux, 42130, Marcoux

Phone number : +33(0)

ERM specialises in making mechanical parts for 4x4 Suzuki vehicles from the Jimmy and Samuraï ranges.

This exclusive expertise focuses on making suspension kits, brake syst ...

Key wordsfabrication de kit de suspension 4x4 Suzuki, fabrication de kit de frein 4x4 Suzuki, fabrication d’arceaux de sécurité 4x4 Suzuki, fabrication de kit de réduction pour boite de transfert 4x4 Suzuki
Forez Méca

Route de Boën - zone artisanale de Chalmazel, 42130, Montverdun

Phone number : +33(0)

Forez Méca is a general mechanics company created in 1973 which has evolved and developed to reach its current size. It owns a large range of equipment, enabling it to respond to m ...

Key wordsCustom-made machining, large-scale machining, large diameter machining

29, rue du 8 Mai - BP 8 , 42130, Boën sur Lignon

Phone number : +33(0)

INDIS trades in industrial equipment peripheral to machine tools in the general mechanics sector.

It sells cutting tools for machining all types of small scale items.


Key wordsTrade in peripheral machine tools
Loire Industrie

La Guilloche, 42130, Montverdun

Phone number : +33(0)

Loire Industry stocks and manufactures flanges. It forges and machines flanges and fittings of all dimensions, up to 4 metres in diameter.

From the point of view of sustain ...

Key wordsHeat treatment, flange forging, hot ring rolling

Parc d'Activités de Champbayard, 42130, Boën sur Lignon

Phone number : +33(0)

For 25 years, M-DAO has been designing cutting and stamping tools, including tools for working with sheet metal. It works to specifications provided by its clients (automobile, ele ...

Key wordsMetalwork studies, stamp press studies, mechanical press tool studies, monitoring tool studies
MAZET Robert

ZI La Roche, 42130, Ailleux

Phone number : +33(0)

Founded in October 1984, Robert Mazet moved to Ailleux in May 1998. The company specialises in manufacturing and trading in adaptor flanges. It also carries out work in sub-contrac ...

Key wordssteel flanges, machining steel flanges, machining, drilling, boring, tapping

Rivier, 42130, Saint Laurent Rochefort

Phone number : +33(0)

Pierre Rodamel is a young entrepreneur who, after having worked in the injection mould industry, four years ago established himself in the field of general mechanics.

He sp ...

Key wordsSub-contracting for mechanical parts, production of one-off parts, prototype production, small series machining, small dimension machining, plastic part machining,injected part machining, miller , turner, genaral small scale mechanics
S.B.S. (Genoyer group)

La Gare - BP 6 , 42130, Boën sur Lignon

Phone number : + 33(0)

SBS (Société Brides Services) is the mechanical construction division of the international group Genoyer, which specialises in the transport of liquids.

The industrial site ...

Key wordsRing rolling, forging , disk forging,cylindrical part forging, manufactoring of forged flanges, production of forged connecting flanges
S.C.G. Mécanique générale

Le Bourg - La Conche, 42260, Bussy-Albieux

Phone number : +33(0)

SCG specialises in machining small scale parts to order in small, medium or large production runs. It can also assemble parts if required. When necessary, it also delivers parts to ...

Key wordsGeneral mechanics medium production runs, general mechanics to order, machining , milling, turning, tapping, binding, drilling


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